Why are teachers at my school being asked to upgrade? Adding Teachers to your paid subscription

3.png Audience: School and District Admins with School and District subscriptions

If teachers who should be part of your subscription are receiving a message that they need to upgrade their account to access premium features, it is possible that they either were never added to your school dashboard or they were added to a class as a co-teacher but weren’t added to the school dashboard. Only teachers who are added to the dashboard by an admin can access premium features. 

You can use the following steps to ensure that the correct teachers have access to all of the paid subscriptio features. 

Check to see if the teacher is present on the dashboard. 

  1. Log into your admin account at app.seesaw.me.
  2. Tap the Teachers tab.
  3. Search by teacher name or email address. 

If the teacher is not on the Teachers tab, you can add them to the dashboard. View the steps to add existing teachers to your dashboard here

If the teacher is already on the dashboard, please ask them to complete the following steps:

  1. Ensure that they are logging in with the same email address that was added to the dashboard. 
  2. Ask the teacher to delete any bookmarks to Seesaw, clear their cache, and log back in using a new browser window. 
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