How to use Folders

If you want to organize student work by subject area or learning objectives, you can create Folders in your class.  Folders are visible to teachers and students, as well as family members if you have invited them to your class.  To set and use folders in Seesaw, please follow the steps below. 

Folders can be selected when assigning activities, when adding student posts, or by using the folders shortcut on any post. Teachers, students and families can filter by Folders in portfolios. Custom folders are available on all subscriptions.

How do I create a folder?
  1. To create your folders tap on the wrench icon in the upper right corner to access Class Settings > Folders.
  2. In Manage Folders, select Create a Folder.
  3. From here you can name your folder and add a folder color. Tap the the green Check to save your new folder. 
  4. An additional way to manage your folders is to tap the blue folder icon in your Class Journal feed and tap ManageFolders.
  5. Teachers can add items to a Folder from the Journal view. Just tap the Folder icon below an item and choose which folder it should be added to and customize post visibility

How do I customize who can see folders?
When assigning activities or creating student posts, teachers can choose from Teacher Only or Student and Family private folders to make some content more private, while still allowing students to see other students work in the class in general. In the Assign Activity flow, under Organize>Folders tap Choose.

Post visibility will default to your class settings, or can be customized to teacher only or student, family, and teachers. Select your preferred visibility setting and tap Save.
How do I use the Highlights folder?
Highlights is available to Seesaw for Schools customers. Use Highlights to capture best work for conferences, keep a running folder of mastery of learning, and more! The Highlights folder is easily accessible from anywhere a user can access folders in Seesaw and view all highlights in their Journal feeds. Users can filter Highlights by student, date, and skill. Learn more here!
Can students add work to folders?

If you want your students to be prompted to add work to folders, turn folders ON for your students. 

How to turn folders ON for students: 

  1. Tap the wrench icon.
  2. Scroll down to Show add to folder step.
  3. Toggle to Students and teachers.
  4. Tap the back arrow to save.

 Your students will now be prompted to add work to folders when they add a post.  

Note: Even if students are not prompted to add work to folders, they will still have the ability to edit the Folder that their journal posts are tagged to if Item Editing is enabled in your class. To do so, students can tap the [...] button and select 'Edit Folders.' If you do not want students to have the ability to edit Folders, you can disable Item Editing in your Class Settings. 


How do I view student work by folder?
1. Tap the blue folder icon in Class Journal.

2. Tap the folder you want to view.
How do I view a specific student's work in a specific folder?
1. Tap on the name of the student whose work you would like to view.
2. Tap on the blue folder next to their name.
3. Select the folder you would like to view.
Can I use an image instead of a color for my folders?
Not yet! But you could use an emoji to indicate what the Folder is for in addition to the name, or instead of the name.

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