Using Highlights

Use Highlights to capture students' best work for conferences, to keep a running folder of mastery of learning, and more! The highlights folder is easily accessible from anywhere you access folders in Seesaw. You can also view all Highlights in Journal feeds. When assigning activities or when creating student posts, you can choose to add work to the Highlight folders.

Highlights is available to Seesaw for Schools customers. 

Assigning Activities to the Highlights folder

  1. In the Assign Activity flow, under Organize>Folders tap Choose. Select the Highlights folder.
  2. Student work will now live in the Highlights folder for future reference!

When students are creating posts

  1. When a student is creating a post, they can choose to add it to their Highlights folder by checking the box.

Highlights Shortcut

Additionally, teachers and students can use the shortcut on any post to tag noteworthy student work. Simply click on the Highlight icon at the bottom of any post! The post will now be available in the Highlights folder for future reference. 

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