Creating and adding Formative Assessment questions

3.png Audience: Seesaw for Schools Teachers

Teachers can add Formative Assessment questions to any Seesaw activity. Questions can be added to new activities or existing activities in the Resource Library.
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Creating Formative Assessment Questions

Formative Assessment questions can be created by tapping on the green +Add button.

  1. Tap on the green +Add button.

  2. Select Create Activity or Assessment.

  3. Type in the Activity Name.
  4. In Create Activity, tap Assessment.
  5. Select Question Type. There are 3 options for Question Type: Multiple Choice, True/False, and Poll. Multiple Choice and True/False are automatically graded. The poll is automatically aggregated.
  6. Select Response Type. There are 2 options for Response Type: Classic and Drag & Drop.
  7. Select Question Feedback Mode. There are 2 options: Practice Mode and Assessment Mode.
    In Practice Mode, students can check their work and receive hints in real-time, helping them validate that they are on the right track and providing guidance while working independently. Students have an unlimited number of opportunities to select their correct answer.
    Assessment Mode is used when you only want students to see their results after post-approval.
  8. Type your Question in the question box. Write a question with a list of possible response options, and indicate which response options are correct in Response Options.
  9. You can also Find Questions using our Question Assistant. Search a topic you'd like our AI-powered assistant to find questions for, in True/False or multiple choice format.
  10. Customize Response Options. Response Options are dynamic and change based on the Question Type that is selected.
  11. To customize your Response Option, tap on the response box and enter your custom text.
  12. Tap the radio button to select the correct answer.
  13. Tap the green Check to save your question to the Creative Canvas.
  14.  Tap the green Check to continue creating the Activity.
  15.  In Question Feedback Mode, select either: Mixed Mode, Practice Mode, or Assessment Mode. Mixed Mode allows you to use the mode set on each question.
  16. Enter any Instructions for your students or any Teacher Notes that will be visible only to teachers.
  17. Add Skills if desired.
  18. Tap Save.


Drag and drop image responses 

💡 Note: Response type "Drag & Drop" is required for adding images. Images cannot be used for the "Classic" response type.

For a drag and drop tutorial, begin viewing video at 1m and 19 seconds.

1. Teachers can drag and drop or upload multiple images at once to become response options.

2. Teachers will see a preview of the image, shape, or text label for all response options when editing questions for easy creation.


Adding Formative Assessment questions to an existing Activity

Formative Assessment questions can be added to any existing activity via the Teacher Toolkit checkmark on the Creative Canvas.

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