Formative Assessment student experience

Formative Assessment allows students to use all of Seesaw’s expressive multimedia creative tools and answer formative assessment questions in the same interface. Options include intuitive Drag & Drop format for younger learners and a multiple choice question format for 3-5th grade students. Practice Mode gives students real-time feedback as they work to correct misconceptions and reinforce learning.

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  1. When students complete an activity in Seesaw, they will answer formative assessment questions along with the rest of the assignment, which can include recording their voice, making a video, taking a photo, making a drawing, and more!

  2. Depending on the feedback mode setting selected by their teacher, students might receive feedback in real time if their response is correct or incorrect. 

Practice Mode

Students see a Check Work option, which allows them to validate if they are on the right track, provides hits in real time, and keeps track of their attempts. 

Assessment Mode

  • Students do not see correctness feedback while working.
  • Responses are recorded and results are shown to teachers.
  • After student work is approved by teachers, students and their family members see the results.

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