Returning schools: starting your year in Seesaw

As a returning Seesaw for Schools Admin (school or district), we want to ensure that your Back-to-School season runs smoothly. We’ve created the following guides to make sure you’re on the right track as you return to Seesaw. 

If you're new to Seesaw for Schools, please go HERE.

CSV Rostering

Before you create any new classes for the upcoming school year, double-check that you have completed the following end of year steps:

  1. Archive last year’s classes (steps for district admin | steps for school admin)
  2. Remove any teachers who no longer work at your school
  3. Archive inactive student accounts 

If you are creating your classes via CSV, you will use our Roster Template to build a spreadsheet of data, import it to your school, and create your classes in bulk. View step-by-step instructions here. Note: We strongly recommend creating NEW classes each year and archiving old ones instead of reusing the previous year's classes.

If you prefer to have your teachers create their own classes, have them follow these instructions. If their class is comprised of students who have already used Seesaw in previous years, they can add their students via the School Directory - this ensures that students use the same account as last year to log in, that their family members don’t need to reconnect, and that all of their work through the years is visible in their portfolio.

Clever/ClassLink Rostering

At the beginning of each school year, we require district admin to run a Full Sync in Seesaw to reestablish the connection between Seesaw and Clever/ClassLink. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Sign into your district admin account at
  2. Tap Manage Roster Sync in the bottom right corner of the District Dashboard.
  3. Tap Resume Nightly Sync, then tap Sync All Schools.

This Full Sync will create new classes (and archive old ones), create new student accounts, and archive any student accounts that are no longer being shared in your data. Once this first Full Sync is complete, the Nightly Sync will run automatically at 5:30 PM EST/8:30 PM PST. 

Changing rostering methods?

If your school or district will be changing from auto-rostering via Clever or ClassLink to CSV rostering, you can view the following tutorial. You can also download the slides.

If your school or district will be changing from Clever auto-rostering to ClassLink auto-rostering or vice versa, you can view the following tutorial. You can also download the slides.


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