Getting started with Skills

3.png Audience: Teachers with School and District subscriptions

Skills are transitioning to Sitewide Standards
In June 2024, all premium school and district customers will be transitioned to Sitewide Standards. Teachers can download and export existing Skills before December 2024. Seesaw Plus (legacy) customers can continue using Skills and download data until December 2024. 💡 Learn more about Sitewide Standards!

Teachers can use Skills to see student progress toward goals in real-time. Teachers tag activities or student posts with skills and then assign a star rating. 

If you are using Skills as part of a paid subscription (Seesaw Instruction & Insights or Seesaw for Schools) please find more information about setting up and managing Schoolwide Skills here.

Using Skills 

The key components of using skills include the four below areas. View the below Help Center articles to learn everything you need to know about Skills!

1. Adding Skills

2. Tagging Skills

3. Giving Skills Ratings

4. Tracking Progress

Additionally, at any time you can change your Skills rating scale and modify, archive, or export Skills.

Seesaw has created Skills templates for a number of curricula. Make a copy of the Skills template that you would like to use, and follow the Import Instructions to import those Skills to your school!

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