How to change your Skills rating scale

Teachers using Seesaw for Schools or a Seesaw Premium Features trial can create and tag Skills that align with a 3-6 star scale. To change your Skills rating scale:

1. Log in to your teacher account on the web app at

2. Tap the wrench icon in the upper right corner.

3. Scroll down and tap 'Skills Rating Scale.'

4. Select the rating scale that works best for your class!


If you change your Skills rating scale, all previously tagged skills will update to the new scale.

Seesaw uses a decimal rating for these rate conversions and rounds to the nearest decimal when the rating scale is changed. For example, a score of 4/5 is .8 in decimals. If you change your scale to 6 stars, the rating will become 5/6. If you change your scale to 3 stars, the rating will become 2/3. The decimal conversion will remain the same in each case.


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