How to translate text in Seesaw

Teachers and families can translate Seesaw content into over 100 languages!  

If a note, caption, comment, announcement, or message is written in a language that is different from the language of a family's or teacher’s device, a View Translation option appears below the post. Tap View Translation and Seesaw automatically translates any text into your native language. Students do not have access to this feature.


  • Translation works for notes, captions, comments, announcements, and messages. 
  • Available on all platforms (iOS, Android, Kindle, Web)
  • "See Translation" only appears if the note/caption/comment/message is written in a language that is different from the language of the viewer's device or computer. 
  • "See Translation" only appears for teachers and families, not students.       

Additionally, our family invite letter is now available in 10 different languages on the web through the "Invite Families" button!    

Seesaw translation supports the following languages

Afrikaans Hungarian Pashto
Amharic Armenian Portuguese (Portugal, Brazil)
Arabic Indonesian Romanian
Bulgarian Igbo Russian
Bengali Icelandic Sindhi
Bosnian Italian Sinhala (Sinhalese)
Catalan Japanese Slovak
Cebuano Javanese Slovenian
Corsican Georgian Samoan
Czech Kazakh Shona
Welsh Khmer Somali
Danish Kannada Albanian
German Korean Serbian
Greek Kurdish Sesotho
English Kyrgyz Sundanese
Esperanto Luxembourgish Swedish
Spanish Lao Swahili
Estonian Lithuanian Tamil
Basque Latvian Telugu
Persian Malagasy Tajik
Finnish Maori Thai
French Macedonian Tagalog (Filipino)
Frisian Malayalam Turkish
Irish Mongolian Ukrainian
Scots Gaelic Marathi Urdu
Galician Malay Uzbek
Gujarati Maltese Vietnamese
Hausa Myanmar (Burmese) Xhosa
Hawaiian Nepali Yiddish
Hebrew Dutch Yoruba
Hindi Norwegian Chinese (Simplified)
Hmong Nyanja (Chichewa) Chinese (Traditional)
Croatian Punjabi Zulu
Haitian Creole Polish  
 See more translated resources and family invite letters here.


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