How do families use Messages

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Stay in touch with your child’s school in one place! Please note that your child’s school determines what communication tools are available.
What is Messages?

Messages allows for ongoing communication with teachers, administrators, and your student/s that builds a positive environment to support student learning, with trust and safety in mind.

How do I send a message?

Based on how your child's school is configured, family members can send messages to teachers, admins, and family members connected to the same student, and can message multiple people in the same conversation (such as two family members or other co-teachers).

1. Sign into your account via the Seesaw App.

2. Tap Messages at the top of your screen.
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3. Tap the pencil icon to create a new conversation.
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4. In the new conversation, search for the person you would like to message.

5. Type your message. When ready, tap Send in the bottom right corner.


How do I view Messages?

Messages are available at the top of the Seesaw app.

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How do I filter my Messages?

Filter by message type by selecting Announcements or Conversations from Message types with the Filter button.

Filter messages by class by type in the Filter button.

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How do I reply to an Announcement or Conversation?

To reply to a Conversation, In your Messages view, type your reply in the text box of the Conversation.

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Announcements will have a megaphone symbol next to it. To reply to an Announcement, tap on the Reply Privately option.

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Note: If you reply to an Announcement, your reply will be private to the Teacher or Admin who sent the Announcement.

How do I use reactions in a Message?
Reactions are ideal if you want to acknowledge receipt of a Message, or quickly reply. You can add reactions to any message by tapping on the React icon at the bottom of a Message.
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Why can't I access a Conversation?
If you are seeing this error when accessing Messages, you are trying to access a message that has been sent to a different Seesaw account than the account where you are currently logged in. If you are not sure what email address you are currently using in Seesaw, tap Account Settings --> Email Address to confirm. To view the message without error, please use Account Switching to navigate to the correct account, or sign out of Seesaw and sign in again using the correct email address.
What do Teachers use Messages for?
  • Teachers use Messages to send Announcements and reminders to families.
  • Group chat with a student and family member to discuss student progress.
  • Connect groups of students to facilitate discussion or group work.
Are translations available for Messages?

Translation is now available in 101 languages in Messages! If a message is written in a language that is different from your device's preset language, a View Translation option will appear below the message.

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