How do students use Messages?


How does Messages Work?

In Messages, students can

  • Directly message their teacher with questions
  • Participate in group chats started by their teacher
  • Participate in discussions with their family and teachers.

To be able to access Messages, students

  • must not be on a shared device
  • need 1:1 login or Home Learning code to use Messages.


How do Students create a new message?

  1. Open Seesaw and sign in.
  2. Tap the Messages icon.
    Student Message 1.png
  3. Tap Create New Conversation to start a message with your teacher OR type your reply to an existing message.
    Student Message 2.png
  4. Add an attachment such as a picture or video by tapping the green +Add button

  5. Tap Send to send your message.

Student Message 3.png

What do Teachers use Messages for?

  • Teachers use Messages to send Announcements and reminders to families.
  • Group chat with a student and family member to discuss student progress.
  • Connect groups of students to facilitate discussion or group work.





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