New! Family Messaging Settings for Seesaw Basic Customers

📣 New! Family members are now able to initiate conversations with teachers who are on free Seesaw accounts.
Seesaw Basic Teachers no longer need to start a 1:1 thread with every family member to initiate conversations. Instead, now with the Family messaging setting, Teachers can turn on the option for families to start new conversations with teachers. 
How does this feature work? 
  • If turned ON, families will be able to search for and start conversations with teachers AND privately reply to announcements.
  • Families can reply to announcements in the 3 dots menu or "press and hold" on mobile.
  • The “Family Messaging” class setting is OFF by default, and families will always be able to reply to 1:1/group conversations started by the teacher regardless of this setting.

How do Teachers turn this setting on? 

Navigate to Class Settings (wrench icon) > Families > select Family messaging.


Toggle the option "on" to allow families to start new conversations with teachers. 


🚩 Note: if you are a Seesaw For Schools customer, this setting is owned by your Administrator.

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