How to maintain your Community status and Activities when moving schools

3.png Audience: Teachers who are Seesaw Ambassadors

If you are leaving your school follow these steps to keep your activities and Seesaw Ambassador status associated with your existing Seesaw account. 

  1. Make sure your Seesaw school or district Admin has removed you from the school dashboard.
  2. Change your email address in your existing Seesaw account (DON’T make a new Seesaw account): Follow the steps here.
  3. Update your Seesaw Learning Hub email:
    1. Sign in to the hub at 
    2. Tap your profile icon in the top right corner.
    3. Tap My Account.
    4. Update your new email address in the first box and then scroll down and enter the same email address again. 
    5. NOTE: If an error message appears, that means you have two accounts in our Seesaw Learning Hub hosted by Thinkific, and you need to fill out this form so we can delete it.
  4. Submit this form to notify the Seesaw team of your account changes.

Please keep in mind:

  • If you are moving from a school that used Clever or ClassLink to roster, you will need the Seesaw Support team to remove the Clever/ClassLink ID from your account before having the ability to update your email. They can only remove the ID after you have been removed from the school. 
  • When updating your email you can use a personal email or if your new school is using Seesaw, we recommend using your new school email so that you can continue using your account at your new school.

How can I save my Seesaw Activities? I am leaving my school/district. 

If you have updated your email following the steps above, you will keep all of your activities when you are removed from a school dashboard and/or when you move to another school dashboard. There are no actions required to keep your activities.

Please keep in mind:

  • If you are leaving teaching, you should not update your email to the next teacher’s email. This creates confusion. You can find more information here on how to share Activities with other teachers.
  • If you are currently on a paid Seesaw subscription and will be moving to a free Seesaw account, you will keep your community status as a Seesaw Ambassador or Seesaw Certified Educator. If you complete the July refresher course you will also continue to maintain access to Seesaw Premium Features.

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