About Data Storage

Seesaw contracts with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide data center and server hosting services for Seesaw -- this means things like making sure the Seesaw servers are always on and fast regardless of where in the world you are accessing Seesaw. Amazon has robust security practices and is contractually prohibited from using any personal information that is stored on servers they operate for any purpose other than to operate the Seesaw service.

We take student data privacy extremely seriously. You can learn more in our Privacy Policy and How We Keep Student Information Safe. By default, your data is stored in the United States. If your school or district has purchased Seesaw for Schools, it can opt to store all data associated with the school in another region such as Canada, Australia, EU, or the UK. If you are a Seesaw for Schools administrator, check your admin dashboard school settings to see where your data is stored. If you are a teacher or family member, contact your Seesaw for Schools administrator to find out where your data is stored.

When transferring any Personal Information outside of the EU, UK, or Switzerland we rely on standard contractual clauses ("SCCs"), one of the legally recognized transfer mechanisms by the ECJ. Our Data Processing Agreement contains the SCCs drafted by the European Commission, which outlines the collection, use, and retention of Personal Information from the European Union, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland transferred to the United States. You can find our Data Processing Agreement here.

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