About Data Storage

We take student data privacy extremely seriously and employ industry-leading practices to ensure your data is safe and secure. We never sell your data and comply with FERPA, COPPA, GDPR, PIPEDA, MFIPPA, and the Australian Privacy Act. You can learn more in our Privacy Policy and How We Keep Student Information Safe.
Seesaw contracts with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide data center and server hosting services for Seesaw -- this means things like making sure the Seesaw servers are always on and fast regardless of where in the world you are accessing Seesaw. Amazon has robust security practices and is contractually prohibited from using any personal information that is stored on servers they operate for any purpose other than to operate the Seesaw service. By default, your data is stored in the United States. If your school or district has purchased Seesaw for Schools or Seesaw Instruction & Insights, it can opt to store data associated with the school in another region such as Canada, Australia, the EU, or the UK. Like all other US-based cloud service providers, we need to store/process some data in the US to provide access to our platform. To uphold our high security standards and international legal compliance, we maintain strict Data Processing Agreements with US-based subprocessors to keep your data private and secure when transferred to the US. 
Our Data Processing Agreement outlines our safe and secure best practices. Seesaw is a certified participant in the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework (the "DPF") and the UK extension to the DPF. U.S. companies that participate in the DPF have been determined by the European Commission to provide an adequate level of protection for personal data received from companies in the EU. The UK extension (also known as the UK-U.S. Data Bridge) is covered by equivalent UK "adequacy regulations".
We are also excited to announce that by September 1, 2024, Seesaw will launch Seesaw.uk, the British version of Seesaw. Seesaw.uk will be hosted in London, with the user experience, data storage, and data processing residing within the UK. More information can be found here
If you are a Seesaw for Schools administrator, check your admin dashboard school settings to see where your data is stored. If you are a teacher or family member, contact your Seesaw for Schools administrator to find out where your data is stored.
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