Best Practices for using frames in Seesaw Creative Tools

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When using frames, think about what insights you cannot capture from a traditional paper worksheet, and how you might be able to utilize frames as a way to gather meaningful insights from your students all at once. Below are some best practices to get you started!

When to use the Microphone frame
Use the microphone frame when you’d like to see the students interacting with the canvas. This is helpful when students are explaining their thought process or work (i.e. explaining the solution to a math problem). 

When to use the Voice frame
Use the voice frame when students are sharing their thoughts or opinions, asking questions or narrating. Note: Once students record their voice a “Listen” box will appear with their audio attached 

Student Choice
Provide opportunities for students to demonstrate their learning in a way that resonates with them by giving them tool options to showcase comprehension. Students who are more verbal may choose to use the video tool, while other students may choose to take a picture and explain their knowledge via text. 

Learn more about the student experience with frames and view our how-to instructions!

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