How to use Frames in Seesaw Creative Tools

Seesaw Frames are smart shapes that let students add photos, videos, and more in designated spaces. Using Frames is a great way to utilize the Seesaw Creative Tools to gain learning insights from students - while making the completion of activities as easy as possible! Frames are available for activity creators such as teachers, admins who are creating their own activities, and Ambassadors creating activities for the Community Library.

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Instructions for Creating Frames

  1. In Create Activity or Assessment, select Response Template > Creative Canvas to access the Creative Canvas.
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  2. Once in the Creative Canvas, tap the check + on the left-hand menu. 

  3. Clicking this icon will open the Teacher Toolbox.
  4. Click any of the tools you would like added to the canvas, or give students the option to choose a tool.
    💡See our best practices for using tools!
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    1. Take a photo
    2. Record a video (note: only one video can be added per page of an activity
    3. Record student voice
    4. Record student's screen and voice
    5. Create a text field
    6. Upload a file of student's choice *Please note that PDF files cannot be uploaded using Frames, even with the upload option.
  5. Click on the outer border of the frame to resize, rotate, move, and access edit settings via the 3 dots menu.
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  6. You can customize the tools further by tapping on the 3 dots menu. Some unique editing options for Frames include:
    1. Tools - gives teachers the ability to change the shortcut for students. Select at least one tool. If you select more than one tool, the student can choose which tool they prefer to use. 
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    2. Instructions - edit the text that is displayed to students within the Frame. Teachers can edit the Frames instructions to make the best use of the canvas space and provide detailed instructions to their students. Example: When using the Photo Frame modify the instructions to say “Take a photo of your science experiment and label each component.”
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    3. Style - choose dotted, filled, or inverse states to change the look of the Frame.
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  7. Save your template by tapping the green Check in the upper right corner. Save your activity. The activity is now ready to be assigned!

Learn more about the student experience along with some best practices for using Frames!


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