How do I introduce Seesaw schoolwide?

After you’ve filled out the Class Roster Template with your class, teacher, and student data, it’s time to introduce your staff to Seesaw!

Step 1: Email teachers to let them know about Seesaw!

You will want to let your staff know that your school is going to be using Seesaw in the upcoming year! We’ve drafted an example email for you. Feel free to share it with your staff to help get them excited about Seesaw!

Example Email: 

Subj: Look out for Seesaw Account Activation Email

[Our school] is using Seesaw for Schools this year! Seesaw gives students creative tools to capture and reflect on their learning - in real time. It’s easy to use and makes it simple to collect student work in one place and share with parents. Teachers also get upgraded features including additional co-teachers, private notes and folders, and skills for formative assessment and progress monitoring. We are so excited to support you and the great things you’re doing in your classrooms!

We’ve created your Seesaw for Schools account and uploaded your current students.  When you sign in, all of your class information will be ready for you. You do not need to create an account or upload your class roster to Seesaw. Student portfolios will travel with our students year to year, class to class so you can focus on your students.

On [upload date], you will receive an email from Seesaw with directions to sign in to your Seesaw account. It’s important that you click the link in your email and are able to sign in independently. Please use your staff email address and set your own Seesaw for Schools password. Download the Seesaw Class iOS or Android app on your devices and try signing in at on your computers.  

You can visit for tips and sample lesson ideas. There are also a lot of real world teaching examples on Seesaw’s Twitter account - @Seesaw. These videos show how Seesaw is being used in schools: [Video 1 & Video 2]

We are one week to launch! Please share comments and questions with [you or contact].

[Your Name]


Step 2: Schedule a PD session to teach your teachers about Seesaw!

 Since some of your teachers may be brand new to Seesaw, you’ll want to give them an introduction to Seesaw so that they start off on the right foot.

We have developed this Interactive Training Session to help you introduce Seesaw to your staff!  

You can always refer to our Rollout Calendar to make sure you’re on track with getting your school set up!


Step 3: Create a Sample School Wide Activity

Introduce the School Activity Library to teachers by creating a school-wide activity! You can use this tool to promote a school-wide event, introduce yourself as an admin, or create a welcoming activity for new students.

Instructions for creating an activity can be found here. More information on the school wide library can be found here.

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