Creating and Managing Student Groups

Student groups support teachers to efficiently differentiate instruction for students with similar characteristics, ensuring every student receives the right level of support and challenge. 

Tailor learning experiences faster by grouping students with similar characteristics together.

  • Student groups are flexible, students can be added to and removed from groups throughout the year.
  • Quickly assign modified activities or tag posts to a preset group of students. 
  • Monitor the whole group’s mastery of skills by filtering the class journal or progress reporting. 
How do I create a student group?
  1. Open Class Settings by selecting the wrench in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Select Manage Student Groups.
  3. Type the name of your new student group in the box, and select the Add Student Group button.
  4. Customize your group!
    1. Select Edit Icon to add your preferred icon.
    2. Keep your group name as is, or edit it.
    3. Tap the blue checkbox to add students (uncheck the box to remove).
    4. Tap the green checkmark in the upper right hand corner to save your changes. Your group is now created!
How do I change group members?
You can change group members at any time. In Manage Student Groups, select the group you want to edit. Uncheck the box next to the student(s) name you'd like to remove. Tap the green checkmark to save. 
How do I delete a group?
You can delete a group at any time. In Manage Student Groups, select the group you want to delete. Select the red Delete Student Group button. Tap the Delete Group button in the confirmation window.
Note: When a student group is deleted, students are not deleted and previously assigned activities are not updated. 
How do I assign activities to a group?

Whether it’s created on Seesaw or offline, students can capture group work in Seesaw and tag their group in one click. The post will appear in each student’s Journal.  

1. To assign activities to a group, navigate to Activities. Tap the green +Add button and select Assign Activity.

2. Select the Activity you want to assign, then tap the blue Assign button.

3. Tap Edit Students and Groups.

4. Check the box of the Student Group(s) and/or Students you'd like to assign an activity to. You will see the names of the Students in that group populate under Students. 

5. Tap the blue Save button.  



How Many Students Can I Have Per Group? 
100 students can be added per group.   

How Many Student Groups Can Be Created Per Class?
100 student groups can be created per class. 

Can I Create Student Groups at the School or District Level?
No, student groups can only be created at the class level at this time.

Can I Use Student Groups in Messages? 
Yes! In the student Journal tab, teachers can message all students in a group at once. Simply hover over a student group and tap on the chat icon. This will open a new window where you can compose your message. All recipients will see each other's names and replies. 

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