Class setup for Seesaw Starter teachers

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Follow the below steps to create your class and invite students. If you are part of a paid subscription (such as Seesaw Instruction and Insights) please view this Help Center article for instructions.

Be sure to check out our grade-specific Get Started Guides!

1. Visit on Chrome, Edge, or Firefox or download the Seesaw app.

2. Tap I’m a Teacher to get started!

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Create Your Class

Tap Create new Class.

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1. Enter the name of your class.

2. Choose your grade level. Seesaw will suggest a sign-in mode for your students based on their grade level.

3. Tap the green checkmark button.

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Try out some features in your class by using Sample Student! You can assign Sample Student an activity, add posts as Sample Student, and more!

Help Students Sign In to Seesaw

You can add up to 150 students in each Seesaw class.

Class Code Sign In
Finish adding your students’ names by tapping + Students. Then, Print your Class QR Code poster for students to use to sign in.

To find this Tap + Students (bottom right, under the class list) > tap Print student sign in poster. Students will choose “I’m a student” from the Seesaw App, then the blue "scan code" button and then scan your class QR code.

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Email/SSO Sign In
Tap + Students (bottom right, under the class list).

Share your Join Code with your students. They will type it in, create student accounts, and connect to your class from their devices using the Seesaw App.

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Google Classroom Rostering
When creating your class, tap Import from Google Classrom to select a class to import into Seesaw.
If new students are added into Google Classroom, you can tap the wrench icon, then tap import from Google Classroom to re-sync the class to Seesaw.

Any new students in your Google Classroom will be automatically added into your Seesaw class.

No students will be removed from your Seesaw class when importing from Google Classroom.

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Introduce Seesaw to Your Students
Best Practices

To customize your class settings, click on the wrench icon (top right).

  • Student sign in mode: Change how students sign in.
    • Class Code Sign In: Designed for young learners (PreK-3) and shared devices. No usernames/passwords are required.
    • Email / Google Sign In: Designed for students who can remember email addresses and passwords.
  • Students can see each other’s work: Decide if students can see other students’ journals in your class. Please note, turning this feature OFF in a shared devices class will mean students will not see any content in the journal.
  • Student likes and comments: Decide if students can like or comment on posts. Many teachers decide to turn this ON after they have been using Seesaw for a few weeks.

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