What are Teachers' capabilities within Clever/ClassLink created classes?

Clever and ClassLink classes are created during a sync with Clever and ClassLink and automatically rostered and updated during the Nightly Sync. Teachers do not have to create these classes manually, or update the rosters as long as the Nightly Sync is running. If you have any concerns, please first reach out to your Seesaw District Administrator or Seesaw Support. 

Below are some common questions concerning what teachers are able to do within Clever/ClassLink created classes. 

Are teachers able to archive and/or unarchive a Clever/ClassLink-created class?

Teachers are not able to archive or unarchive Clever or ClassLink-created classes. If your Seesaw Administrator would like teachers to be able to do this, please reach out to Seesaw Support

Are teachers able to edit the Class Name?

Class names are set during the first initial sync with Clever/ClassLink. The name can be updated within Seesaw in Class Settings at any point and will not be reverted during any type of sync. Please note that if the class name needs to be reverted to match what is in Clever/ClassLink at any time, the teacher or Seesaw Administrator will need manually update this within Class Settings. 

Are teachers able to manually add students to a Clever/ClassLink-created class?

Teachers are able to add students manually to Clever/ClassLink-created classes. Please note that if that student does not have a Clever/ClassLink ID associated with their account, the Clever/ClassLink Sync may remove them from the class. We suggest any roster changes are made directly within Clever/ClassLink to ensure all rostering is kept up to date. 

Are teachers able to manage the co-teachers within a class created by Clever/ClassLink? 

Teachers are able to invite additional teachers to the class within the Class Settings > Manage Teachers. Please note that all co-teachers have the same capabilities within a class. 

Are teachers able to change the student sign-in method of a Clever/ClassLink-created class?

Teachers can update the student sign-in method at any time for their classes via the Class Settings menu. Students will continue to be able to use Clever/ClassLink SSO no matter what the student sign-in method is set to.

Are teachers able to allow Family Access to Clever/ClassLink-created classes?

Teachers can enable Family Access in any class, as long as the School Wide Settings allow them to do so. They can enable this within Class Settings > Enable family access. If this option is not available, please reach out to your Seesaw School Administrator to check the School-wide settings. 

Can teachers merge two classes together?

We do not currently support merging classes. If a teacher has created a duplicated class, we would suggest archiving the one that has not been rostered with Clever/ClassLink and/or has the least amount of work. 

Are teachers able to Message an archived class? 

If a class has been archived, then all messages will also be archived. Once these threads have been archived, replies are turned off. Teachers are still able to view these archived messages by filtering to view their Archived and Hidden messages. 

In order to restore these conversations, the class will need to be restored by the Clever/ClassLink sync or manually be a Seesaw Administrator. 

We would suggest creating a new thread with the recipients if your School Settings allow. 

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