How to view and share progress reports in Seesaw

When reviewing a student's post, teachers can add a star rating to capture how the student did overall on the assignment. The star rating can be added to any student post.

💡 If you are new to using Progress, start here: How to manage, archive, and export Skills

Assigning Star Ratings to Posts

  1. To add a star rating, tap the graduation cap icon at the bottom of a post.
  2. Next, tap the number of stars you want to assign.

Star ratings appear in the Progress tab.

These star ratings will not be visible to students or families, but a Progress Report can be shared with them at any time. 

Share Progress from Progress Dashboard (Seesaw for Schools only)

From the Progress Dashboard, Teachers can message connected family members with a text copy of progress information pre-filled. 
Note: if there are no connected family members, Teachers will be prompted to open the "Invite Families" page.

  1. Select a student from the Progress Dashboard. 
  2. In the modal, tap Message to Family
  3. A New Conversation will open with the message recipients and progress report summary pre-populated. 


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