How to filter by Folder in the Seesaw mobile app

The filter can be accessed by tapping the filter icon at the top left of the screen in Journal View. You can filter by folder and student by following the instructions outlined below. Please note that filtering by folder in the family app is not yet available on the web.

For Teachers Using the Class App
  1. Tap the Filter icon to reveal the 'Filter' menu.
  2. Select a student from the list to filter the view to only that student's journal.
  3. To filter by folder, tap the folder icon next to 'Class Journal'.
  4. Select the folder that you would like to view from the Folders List.


For Family Using the Seesaw Parent and Family App
  1. Pull down on the journal feed to reveal the 'Filter' menu.
  2. Tap the 'Filter' menu to be taken to a list of folders.
  3. Select a folder from the list to filter the view to only that specific folder.


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