How can I tell which students have connected family members?

As an Admin, you can track connected family members and invite additional families in several ways. 

Export a list of student data 

As an admin, you can export a list of all students who currently have connected family members. This will help track existing family engagement, and assist you in getting more family members connected! 

  1. Sign in as an Admin at
  2. Tap on the Students Tab.
  3. Tap the [...] on the right-hand side.
  4. Click Download CSV of Student Accounts.


This will provide you with a document of student information, such as name, ID, and email address as well as how many connected family members each student has to their account. 

Download a Families Data Report

To see the details (name and email address) of the connected Family Members for all students at your school, you can use the Get Families Data and Invite Families link in the Admin Tools on the Overview tab of your school dashboard. The report will be sent to your admin email address.


View Families for a specific student

If you need to check the connected Family Member information for a single student, or remove a connected Family Member, you can do so in the Students tab.

  1. Tap on the Students Tab.
  2. Search for the student by name or Student ID.
  3. Tap Edit Student.
  4. Tap Family Members.


View Families for a specific class

If you need to view all connected Family Members for a specific class, you can do so from the Classes tab of your school dashboard. 

  1. Tap on the Classes Tab.
  2. Search for the specific class. 
  3. Tap Class Settings.
  4. Tap Manage Families.
  5. You can view and remove family members by student.


6. Need to see which family members have been invited or invite additional Family Members? Tap Invite Families.


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