Who are Seesaw's subprocessors?

Seesaw uses a handful of third party subprocessors - other companies that provide software services that help us do business. These companies help us do things like manage our data centers to make sure Seesaw is reliable and fast or provide software that powers our customer support.

Our subprocessors have all signed a Data Protection Agreement with us, which stipulates that any data we share with them will be used exclusively to provide services to us and not for any other purposes.

Currently we use subprocessors to:

Host & Deliver Seesaw

  • Amazon Web Services (Data center management)
  • LaunchDarkly (Beta testing support)

Communicate with Teachers, Families, and Administrators

  • Autopilot (Sending emails)
  • Boomerang (Sending emails)
  • Mailchimp (Sending emails)
  • Mailgun (Sending emails)
  • Twilio (Sending text messages)
  • Versal (Provide online courses)

Run our Internal Operations

  • Zendesk (Software for customer support)
  • Ada (Software for customer support)
  • Shopify (Operating the Seesaw store)
  • Salesforce (Manage customer relationships)
  • Outreach (Organize communications with schools)
  • Wufoo (Collect interest in Seesaw for Schools)
  • Docusign (Electronically sign contracts with schools)
  • SaaSOptics (Manage our internal finances)
  • Quickbooks (Manage our internal finances)
  • Survey Monkey (Conduct surveys and user research)
  • Google (Manage emails, calendars, and documents)
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