Using Collections in the School and District Library

3.png Audience: School and District Admins

Seesaw Admins can create Collections for their School & District libraries! With Collections, you can organize collections of content by grade level, core curricula, topic, time of year, or any way that will most benefit your teachers.
🎉 Before you begin creating Collections, learn the basics of finding, saving, and sharing Lessons in School and District Libraries.

Note: 🧰 Before your School and District Library can be curated and organized into Collections, Lessons must first be shared to your School and District Library.  

Create a Collection
  1. First, click the Collections tab, and then select the +New button.

  2. Type a Name for your Collection, and then click Save.

Collections can be customized to offer additional organization and information for teachers.

  1. Locate your newly created Collection and select it.
  2. Click the [...] on the right side of the page and select Edit Collection Details.

    Here you can provide a Collection Description, as well as select a Collection Color to easily differentiate between Collections for teachers . 
  3. Click the green Check to save.

💡Collection Descriptions are a great tool to support your teachers. You can provide a description of the Collection Activities, suggestions of ways to use the Activities, best practices for classroom implementation, or provide any information that would be beneficial for teachers in understanding the collection of activities.

Add Lessons to a Collection
  1. Click the Add Activities button at the bottom of the page to access all Published Activities in your School & District Library.
  2. Select one or multiple Activities to add to your Collection by clicking the selection box in the upper left-hand corner of the Activity tile, and then click the Add to Collection button.
  3. Choose the Collection you would like to add the Activity or Activities to, and click Save.

Delete an Activity: if you find you added an Activity to your Collection that doesn’t belong, you can easily remove it by clicking the selection box and then clicking the trash icon.

Add Sections to a Collection

Sections can be used to organize Activities into units; by skill, topic or theme; or by any structure that would benefit your teachers.

  1. To create a Section, select a Collection, and click Organize and Create Section.
  2. Give your Section a Name, provide a Description if desired, and click Save.
  3. Simply click and drag your Section where you would like it using the hamburger icon and drop into place.
  4. You can reorder any Activity using the same drag-and-drop method.
  5. Continue to follow this process until you've created an organized library that allows your teachers to easily find the lessons that support their classroom instruction.
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