Using the Question Assistant for creating Formative Assessment questions

 👤 Audience: Seesaw for Schools Teachers

Teachers can use the Question Assistant to help generate grade-level appropriate questions. Options include True/False and multiple choice questions. 

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Follow the below instructions to create questions using the Question Assistant.

  1. Follow the steps in Creating and adding Formative Assessment questions to begin creating your questions. 
  2. In the Questions modal, tap Find Questions.  
  3. In the Search a topic box, enter keywords related to your topic and select either Multiple Choice or True/False. Tap Enter.
  4. Question Assistant will generate a list of 5 questions per topic search. 
  5. Question responses can be edited if needed. You can modify the response by typing in its text box, or drag and drop the order of responses. Once done, tap the green Check
  6. Tap the + Add button to add the question to either the current page or a new page. The questions are now available to be added to the activity you are creating. 
  7. Questions can be edited or deleted by tapping on the [...].
  8. Tap Preview as Student to view the question as a student.




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