How to use the Private (Teachers Only) Folder and Private Notes

The Private (Teachers Only) Folder allows you to add posts to Seesaw that are only visible to teachers. Only teachers using Seesaw for Schools or previewing Seesaw's Premium Features have access to private folders and private notes.

How do I add posts to the Private (Teachers Only) Folder?
When adding a new post:

First, make sure you have Folders ON for your class. Tap on the wrench icon > 'Show Add to Folder Step' and make sure it says either 'Teachers' or 'Teachers and Students.

When creating a new post, you can add a post to your Private (Teacher Only) Folder from the Organize selection screen. Tap on post visibility at the top of the organize selection screen, then make sure the 'Teacher Only' option is selected. Then hit the green Check to finish uploading the post. The post will not be visible and no notifications will be sent to students or connected families.
CleanShot 2024-02-20 at 14.25.55.pngFrom the approval queue:

You can also add student work into your Private (Teacher Only) Folder from the approval queue. This might be useful for student assessments that you don’t want to be shared with students or families just yet. Tap on the folder icon below the post, then tap on the Post Visibility (Teacher Only) Folder to add it to the folder. When you approve the post, it will not be visible to students or families.
CleanShot 2024-02-20 at 14.29.23.png
How do I remove a post from the Private (Teachers Only) Folder?
Tap on the folder icon or the Edit Folder option in the [...] menu and change the post visibility. The post will now be visible to students and connected families.
How do students respond to Activities tagged to the Private (Teachers Only) Folder?
When students respond to an Activity that the teacher has tagged with the Private (Teachers Only) Folder, all of their submitted and approved responses are added into the private folder. Students cannot see anything in the Private (Teachers Only) Folder; private posts are visible only to teachers. To students, it might look like their work was “deleted," but it’s just not visible to them. The Activity will be moved to the Done section for the student once they have submitted a response.

If students save a response that’s tagged with the Private (Teachers Only) Folder as a draft or the teacher sends back a response that’s tagged with the private folder, students will see this response in their To Do and In Progress sections with the Finish Response button and will be able to edit their response. After they submit their response with the green Check, they will NOT see their work anymore, since their work at that point will be submitted and visible to the teacher only.
How do I use Private Notes?
To use Private Notes, tap the speech bubble icon with the T on any post in a student journal.

CleanShot 2024-02-20 at 14.31.44.png

Type your note and tap the green Check or use the microphone to record a private voice note. 

Any notes that you enter for this student post will be visible only to the teachers in the class. All co-teachers have the ability to add and view/listen to Private Notes.
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