Can teachers download an archive of student work for their class?

We do not offer .zip archive downloads of student journals for teachers using the free version of Seesaw or Seesaw Plus.

Downloading student journals is available with our Seesaw for Schools service. Seesaw for Schools teachers can download a .zip archive of their student's work. 

To export a student's journal: 

1. Sign in on a computer as a Teacher at 

2. Click on your Profile icon

3. Click on the Gear icon

4. Click on Account Settings 

5. Scroll down to Download Journal Archives 

6. Click Download Journal next to a student's name.  

Note: Family members and students who sign into Seesaw using an email address can also download their own work as a .zip archive anytime in their Account Settings from the Seesaw website. Here's how!

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