How do schools invite families?

Nothing gets families engaged with the classroom like seeing and hearing what their child is doing at school!

School Administrators can enable family access at the school level by signing into Seesaw as an administrator.

1. Navigate to the Administrator Dashboard.

2. Tap 'Edit School Settings' (on the right under Admin Tools).

3. Tap 'Manage Default Class Settings'.

4. Slide 'Enable Family Access' ON.

Teachers in your school can invite their students' family members to view their child's journal. Find out how teachers can invite families to view their child’s journal.

Admin also have insight into which students have connected family members. Find out how!

With Seesaw for Schools, Admin will receive weekly analytics to see how often family members are viewing and engaging with their child’s journal.


Family members will remain connected to their child’s journal year to year. They only need to connect to the their child’s journal once to access all of their child’s journals from any classes they are enrolled in for the duration of their time at your school.


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