Class setup for teachers with school and district subscriptions

3.png Audience: Teachers with School and District subscriptions

The below instructions apply for Seesaw customers where the Admin chooses to have teachers create classes. Teachers follow the below steps to create and enroll students in a class.

🌟 Best Practice: The best way to ensure classes are created with Students enrolled (along with their correct Student IDs) is for Admins to create your classes with a CSV import. 

If Teachers are creating their own classes, it is important to add students using their Student ID in order to keep student journals connected year over year.

Instructions for Teachers to Create Class

1. Tap on your profile name (upper left corner).

2. Tap Create New Class.

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1. Enter the name of your class.

2. Choose your grade level.

3. Tap the green checkmark button.

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Teachers create classes and add students via directory


  • Admin uses bulk edit tool to bulk add students to the dashboard with IDs
  • Create a new class or Select an existing new class
  1. Tap on the Wrench icon (upper right) to access Class Settings.
  2. Go to Students > Manage Students
  3. Tap Add Students button.
  4. Search your School Directory and add students to your class by searching their name, email, or student ID.
  5. Tap Add to Class when you find a student who belongs in your class
  6. Tap Add Students to Class button (bottom right) to finalize your updated class list.

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Teachers (and Admins) create classes and add Students + IDs that are provided by the Admin


  • Admin must provide Student information to Teacher
  • Teachers: check with Admin before creating a new student, as the student may already exist in the system with different information. 
  • Create a new class or Select an existing new class
  1. Tap on the Wrench icon (upper right) to access Class Settings.
  2. Go to Students > Manage Students.
  3. Tap Add Students button.
  4. Scroll to bottom view and tap Create a New Student.
  5. Type in student data in the following fields:
    1. Student First Name
    2. Student Last Name
    3. Student ID
    4. Student Sign In Method (Class Code, Email, or SSO)
  6. Tap Create New Student to save the record.

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Teachers create a new class and connect to Google Classroom at the time they create their class

 Pre-requisite: Google Classroom must be set up prior to creating the class in Seesaw

  1. When creating your class, tap Import from Google Classroom.
    🚩Note: this must be done at the time of initial class creation.
  2. Select a class to import into Seesaw. 
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  3. If new students are added into Google Classroom:
    1. tap the wrench icon
    2. tap import from Google Classroom to re-sync the class to Seesaw. 

Any new students in your Google Classroom will be automatically added into your Seesaw class. No students will be removed from your Seesaw class when importing from Google Classroom.

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