Renewal FAQs

Learn about Seesaw subscription renewals, licenses, and contacting your Seesaw Representative in the below FAQs!

How can I check to see if my Seesaw for Schools subscription is up for renewal?

1. Sign-in to your admin account at

2. Tap on the gray gear icon (top right) to access the School Settings menu.

3. From this menu, tap on the final category labeled Subscription Information.

4. On the Subscription Information page, you will find your subscription expiration date.

My Seesaw for Schools subscription isn't up for renewal, but we need more licenses. What should I do?

Email your Seesaw for Schools contact and let them know how many licenses you need, so they can send a quote. If you’re not sure who to contact, follow the steps listed here

Who should I contact to renew my Seesaw for Schools subscription? How do I find my Seesaw rep (CSM)?
Follow the steps listed here
What can I expect from the renewal process?
  1. Reach out to your Seesaw for Schools contact with how many students you would like to include in your new subscription as well as the grade levels of the students who will use Seesaw for Schools.
  2. Your Seesaw for Schools contact will send pricing options (if applicable) followed by an official quote via DocuSign.
  3. After you sign the DocuSign, our accounting department will prepare an invoice.
  4. You will be invoiced on the first day of your new subscription, and payment will be due at the close of the first month of your subscription.

To find the email address of your Seesaw for Schools contact, please follow the steps listed here

How much will the renewal of my Seesaw for Schools subscription cost?

This is a great question for your Seesaw for Schools contact. Not sure who that is? Follow the steps listed here

I have a question about my invoice and/or the billing process. What should I do?
Consult our Billing FAQs page
I've renewed my subscription, but I'm not sure what to do next.
You can visit the Basic School Setup section of our help center. If you don't find what you need, you can reach out to our support team directly by filling out this form and selecting 'I am a Seesaw for Schools customer.'
What if we chose not to renew Seesaw for Schools?
Please reference What happens if we don't renew Seesaw for Schools? to understand the complete implications of canceling your Seesaw for Schools subscription. 


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