Seesaw subscription plans

More details on Seesaw subscriptions and what they include are available on our Seesaw Plans page.  Below is a simplified view of the differences between Seesaw Starter, Seesaw Instruction & Insights, and Seesaw for Schools.

Multimodal Learning Tools
 Product  Seesaw Starter

 Seesaw for

 Seesaw   Instruction & Insights
 Photo, Video, Audio & Drawing


x x
 Note, Link & Frames x x x
 Upload PDF up to 10 pages & use Creative   Tools first page only all pages all pages
 Multipage activities and post   x x
 My Library activity limits


Unlimited Unlimited
 Present to class for all activities x x x
 Draft and send back work for   revision   x x
 Student Groups x x x
 Bulk Instructional Sequences in The Seesaw   Library   x x
 Schedule activities and add due   dates   x x
 Reading Fluency Assessment     x
 Free Response Assessment     x
 Read-with-Me     x
 Flexcard     x
 Focus Mode     x
Assessment Tools
 Product Seesaw   Starter Seesaw for
Seesaw   Instruction & Insights
 Student portfolios      
 Journal filtering x x x
 Highlights folders   x x
 Private folders   x x
 Year over year connection   x x
 Download journal archives x x x
 Auto-graded formative   assessments      
 Create formative assessments (multiple   choice, T/F, drag & drop)   x x
 Generative AI find questions tool   x x
 Progress monitoring      
 Formative assessment reporting   x x
 Classroom-level Progress   Dashboard   x x
 Sitewide Standards   x x
Curriculum & Alignments
 Product Seesaw   Starter Seesaw for
Seesaw   Instruction & Insights
 Community Lesson Library Full access Full access Full access
 Core Seesaw Library Sample lessons only Full access Full access
 Computer Science, powered by   Seesaw Sample lessons only Sample lessons only Full access
 Curriculum and standards alignment tool   x x
 School or District library   x x
 Collections in School or District Library     x
 Seesaw Early Literacy (PreK-2)   supplemental curriculum package   available for purchase available for purchase
 Seesaw ELD (K-5) supplemental curriculum   package   available for purchase available for purchase
Communication Tools
 Product Seesaw   Starter Seesaw for
Seesaw   Instruction & Insights
 Multimedia attachments -   photos,   videos, links and   more x x x
 Read receipts  x x x
 Reactions x x x
 Translate into 100+ home   languages x x x
 Search for users and content x x x
 Teacher office hours x x x
 Schedule message and   announcements   x x
 Download personal message   threads x x x
Student Communication      
 Teacher-initiated   announcements   to   students x x x
 Teacher- student 1:1 and   group   messaging   x x
 Teacher-initiated student-   student   messaging   x x
Family Communication      
 Teacher-initiated announcements   to connected family members x x x
 Teacher-initiated 1:1 and group   conversations with connected family   members x x x
 Teacher-initiated group   conversations   with connected family members and   student x x x
Schoolwide Communication      
 Multi-class messaging   x x
Partial access      
 Schoolwide or districtwide settings   x x
 Whole school announcements   x x
Management & Settings
 Product Seesaw Starter Seesaw for
Seesaw   Instruction & Insights
 Active Classes 10 per teacher Unlimited Unlimited
 Teachers per class 2 20 20
 Students per class 150 150 150
 Classroom settings x x x
 Schoolwide settings   x x
 Single Sign-On - Google, Microsoft x x x
 CSV Rostering   x  
 District only features      
 Single Sign-On - Clever,   ClassLink   (District only)     x
 Rostering Sync via Clever/   ClassLink     x
 Family Sync via Clever/ClassLink     x
 LMS integrations (Canvas) Schoology     x
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