Sitewide Standards

🎉 Admins of accounts with school and district subscriptions can choose which standard sets and grading scale they want teachers in their school or district to use throughout Seesaw. Supported state and national standards include the US, Canada, UK, and Australia.
Please note: Beginning in late June 2024, all premium feature customers will be transitioned to Sitewide Standards. Standards will be replacing Skills. Teachers can download and export existing Skills prior to December 2024.


Feature Overview

Sitewide Standards allow schools and districts to localize their standards to their state or region. This saves teachers time and makes all places within Seesaw easier to use and more personalized. 


  • Sitewide Standards are a way for instructional leaders to choose organization-specific standards for their teachers to use within Seesaw.
  • All state and national standards in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia are supported.
  • Admin can select their preferred standards from the District Settings tab on the District Dashboard. Admin can select multiple standards sets to meet their unique needs.

    **Coming Soon** - Standards-Based Grading - This will allow admin to select the 4 or 5-star rating model for their district or school.

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  • Browsing by Standards: Teachers can view lessons and activities tagged with their organization's standards in the Seesaw Library, School & District Library, and My Library.
  • Tagging Standards: Teachers can search and filter standards by grade level and subject area when creating activities and assigning them to their class.
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  • Standards-Based Grading: As teachers review student work, they'll have the ability to grade standards. This data is rolled up for their class and viewable on the Progress Dashboard.

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Training Guide

For a detailed walk-through, view our Sitewide Standards training guide


Will Skills retroactively tag to Standards on previously-created activities?
No, Skills will not retroactively tag onto activities as Standards. Teachers will need to tag those activities that existed before the standards were applied. 

Will standards remain attached to the activities once shared?
Yes! Standards will remain with the activities even when shared to teachers.

When a teacher tags a standards - what will they see? 
The standard will default to what their district selected and the grade they are teaching in Seesaw.  Grade level and content area can be filtered, however, teachers can not search for standards outside of their district.

Will teachers be able to search for a standard by using keywords?
For the coming school year, teachers will be able to 1) search directly by a standard code or 2) filter down to standards based on grade-level and subject area. Filter by keyword/description is on our radar and we will share updates with you all as new search filters are implemented.

Will standards be available in other countries?
Yes, Standards will be available in the US, Australia, Canada, and the UK. If you would like to inquire about a Standard set not currently supported, please reach out to your Account Manager.

Exporting historical Skills data

💡Teachers can export their Skills data prior to December 2024 by following these steps

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