My child's classes are missing

If your student has an archived class or classes that are not appearing on the Journals tab, you can still access them.

How do I know if my child's account is archived?
If your student's account was previously showing classes on the Journals tab, and they are now showing zero classes, it’s safe to assume that your child's account has been archived. 

How can I access my student's old class journals?
Archived journals can only be downloaded from a computer browser, they cannot be downloaded from the mobile app. View these steps to download your student's archived journals

What does "archived" mean?
Archiving classes and students is how Seesaw preserves historical data. When a class or student is archived the data is still accessible, however it is in an inactive state.

Why is Seesaw showing 0 archived classes?
If a student’s account is archived, their class count will not be shown on the Journal tab on the family account. Once the account has been archived the classes are no longer able to be accessed in the mobile app on the Home or Journal tab. 

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