Why do I need to approve some parents access and not others?

The only people who can access Seesaw journals are people who you explicitly invite, either by sending home the Parent Invite Handout or inviting via email. 

When parents sign up with the class invite link on the handout (instructions for other smartphones or computers) or with the link you send via email, you will need to approve their access to their child's journal. 

When parents follow the class link on the handout or in the email, they are taken to a page with your class list. From there, they choose their child and create an account. Before they can see any journal content, you must approve their access, primarily to confirm they have chosen the correct child from the class list. 

To approve parents:

  1. Log into your teacher account on the Seesaw app or website:
  2. Tap Menu 
  3. Tap Manage Class
  4. Tap Pending Parent Approvals
  5. Approve pending parents

When parents sign up with the QR code handout, they will have immediate access to their child's journal. There is no need for you to approve their access. We generate a unique QR code for each student's parents that only gives them access to their child's journal, which is why you don't need to approve them. 



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