Privacy for student journals

Seesaw journals are private by default. No student content or information is ever shared without your explicit request.
Journals are only accessible to teachers, students in the class, and a student's family if the teacher chooses to invite them.
Links to Seesaw journal posts can only be accessed if shared by a teacher, family, or student account. Links are not searchable.
Family members are only able to access their own child's journal, not the journals of other students in the class. 
If a family member is still concerned about their child's privacy, you can observe these guidelines for that child: 
  • Do not post group photos that include the child
  • Do not tag the child in posts that include any other members of the class. 
  • Only invite the child's primary family to view their journal and do not invite other family members 
  • Refrain from posting photos of the child, and instead focus on photos of their school work
  • Do not post that child's work to the blog (if you have turned on the blog for your class) 

You can turn off family sharing in your class settings. To do this, tap your wrench icon in the top right corner > “family likes, comments & sharing” >turn sharing OFF. When family sharing is disabled, families will not have the ability to download any posts onto their device or share any posts over social media. 

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