Navigating the Seesaw Journal

The Journal tab is where learning lives in Seesaw - it's where you create and view posts. The Journal is also your default view when you sign in to Seesaw. 

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Filtering Student Journals

With more robust student journal filtering, teachers can quickly locate specific examples of student work to evaluate and celebrate progress.

Students can also filter the class journal by date range, folder, and student if visibility settings allow.

The Journal can be viewed as a list of activities or as a calendar of activities Simply toggle to the list view or calendar view as needed:

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Filter Options
Class Journal filter: view work from an individual student, a specific student group, or class. CleanShot 2024-03-27 at 10.27.56.png


Dates filter: view work from a specific date or date range.

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Folders filter: view work from a specific folder.

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Skills filter: search or browse student work tagged with specific skills.

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Filters can be cleared at any time by tapping Clear.

Filter Examples
Below, we have filtered to quickly view what student Wida has completed for ELA in the month of March. 
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Best Practices for using Filters

Some great scenarios to use Journal filters include:

  • Provide samples for IEP meeting (filter by student & skill).
  • Provide samples of data for admin (filter by skill).
  • Class celebration time (filter by folder - exemplar student work).
  • Parent teacher conferences (filter by student & date) Student-led conferences.
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