About the Seesaw Library

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The Seesaw Library contains thousands of ready-to-teach, standards-aligned PreK-6 lessons across a variety of content areas to help educators deliver high-quality, joyful, inclusive instruction. Designed by curriculum experts, lessons meaningfully balance online and offline learning while saving teachers time. 
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Who has access to the Seesaw Library?

The Seesaw Library is available for SI&I customers. Seesaw Starter teachers can access a limited set of content (known as the “Teacher Preview”).

What grade levels are supported?
The Seesaw Library supports grades PK-6.
Where do I find the Seesaw Library?
Tap on the Library tab, and then you will be able to browse the Seesaw Library. 

How do I get started with the Seesaw Library?
How do I assign lessons from the Seesaw Library?
Read more about assigning lessons or watch the video below!
Where can I find Spanish lessons?
Spanish lessons are available under the "Lessons in Spanish" tile in the Seesaw Library. If there is not a "Lessons in Spanish" tile, there are no applicable lessons for your default grade level available yet. 

What lessons are available in Spanish? 

Click on the image below to view the PDF of our Spanish content!

View our Seesaw Library flyer for more details. You can also view the catalog of our current collections in the Seesaw Library!


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