About Seesaw Lessons

Seesaw Lessons are a digital library of over 600 standards-aligned learning experiences that accelerate skills students need most whether in-person, hybrid, or remote – all ready to assign right in Seesaw.

Aligned to Common Core and state standards, Lessons leads to real outcomes. Teachers trust that Lessons engage and support students with multidimensional activities and home-school-world connections. Plus, Lessons adapt to whole class, small group, centers, and independent learning in any setting.

Learn more at web.seesaw.me/lessons!

How do Seesaw Lessons work with Seesaw for Schools?

A Seesaw for Schools subscription is required to purchase Seesaw Lessons. Seesaw Lessons leverage all Premium Features included with Seesaw for Schools. If you are not currently a Seesaw for Schools customer, learn more about purchasing here.

All Seesaw teachers have access to over 100 standards-aligned, ready-to-assign Seesaw Lessons.

What’s included in a Seesaw Lessons subscription?

Schools and districts that purchase a subscription get access to the Seesaw Lessons Library, a digital library of standards-aligned, ready-to-assign learning experiences. 

Lessons are organized by Collection, each of which focuses on a subject or targeted instructional area. New and expanded Collections are added every semester, so teachers and students are always excited to learn.

Each Lesson consists of multiple activities that build standards-aligned skills. Each lesson includes:

  • Instructional Activity- allows for teacher modeling, and builds or activates background knowledge
  • Multiple interactive and cross-curricular learning experiences - prompt students to learn in multidimensional ways.
  • Home-school-world connections - invites students to practice concepts in the real-world environment with a family member or partner.
  • Reflection and/or assessment - gives teachers insight into student comprehension, in order to make instructional decisions.
  • Printable lesson plan - share student learning objectives and support teachers to understand how to implement the lesson within their classroom.

Subscribing schools and districts also receive access to training materials for staff and ongoing support in the form of email, and access to Seesaw Lessons experts. Customers can email lessons@seesaw.me with questions.

What grade levels are supported?
Seesaw Lessons support grades PK-5.
How do teachers use Seesaw Lessons?
Lessons are effective across various instructional delivery methods and settings, including whole class, small group, centers, and independent practice whether in-person, hybrid, or remote.
Learn more about implementing Seesaw Lessons in your classroom. Register for our free asynchronous learning pathways here.
Where can I find Seesaw Lessons? 

Simply click on the Seesaw Lessons tab in the Activity Library!

  • Teachers: Click the “Library” button to the right of your display name
  • Administrators: On a school dashboard > General tab under Admin Tools > Click Browse School & District Activity Library > Seesaw Lessons tab
Can I try Seesaw Lessons? How can I purchase them?

Yes! Every teacher has access to a selection of Lessons from each collection throughout the end of the school year. Assign Lessons that have a “Free!” tag, and explore those that do not. If you are interested in receiving a quote for your school or district you can learn more about how to purchase here.

View our Get to Know Seesaw Lessons Flyer for more details, including a list of our lessons library!


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