Support for Keyboard Navigation

Navigating the web version of Seesaw without a mouse is supported. Learn how to set up your computer to support keyboard navigation on mac to use macOS keyboard shortcuts, on Chromebook, on PC

On Chrome or Chromebooks, you can also turn on a supplemental focus indicator to make it more clear what element is selected. In Settings > Advanced > Accessibility, turn “Show a quick highlight on the focused object” to ON. 

Basic Keyboard Shortcuts

  • ESC: Exit popovers and dialogs   
  • Tab: Move focus forward
  • Shift-Tab: Move focus backward
  • Enter/Space: Fire the action for a focused button
  • Enter: Follow the focused link
  • Space: Toggle state for a focused checkbox or switch
  • Arrow (^ v): Move focus between options in a popover menu

Creative Tools Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Tab: Move focus forward in the site, select elements on the creative canvas, select elements inside the [...] more options menu 
  • Move between pages: When the pages menu is selected, use arrow (^ v) to move between pages. 
  • Enter/Space: Fire the action for a focused button
  • Enter: Follow the focused link
  • Open the screen reader’s rotor or landmarks/headings menu to jump between the canvas content and creative tools or navigation components 
  • When an object like a photo, shape, label, etc is selected, you can modify that object using a variety of keyboard shortcuts listed in the chart below:  

To select an object, click on the move/hand tool, then click on the object or use the tab key to navigate to the object and press space to select it. When an object is selected, you can modify it using the following keyboard shortcuts: 


Chrome, Firefox, Edge 

Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Tab Tab 
Play/Pause  Space Space 
Move  [↑] [↓] [←] [→] 

(arrow keys)

[↑] [↓] [←] [→]
(arrow keys)
Rotate 90/45 degrees [alt] + [←] [alt] + [→] [opt] + [←] [opt] + [→]
Cut [ctrl] + [x] [cmd] + [x]
Copy* [ctrl] + [c] [cmd] + [c]
Paste [ctrl] + [v]

[cmd] + [v]

Duplicate [ctrl] + [d] [cmd] + [d]
Bring to Front [ctrl] + [↑] [cmd] + [↑]
Send to Back  [ctrl] + [↓] [cmd] + [↓]
Lock/Unlock [ctrl] + [shift] + [l]
(lowercase L)
[cmd] + [shift] + [l]  (lowercase L)
Lock Size/Unlock Size [ctrl] + [shift] + [m] [cmd] + [shift] + [m] 
Undo [ctrl] + [z] [cmd] + [z]
Redo Chrome/Firefox: [ctrl] + [y] Edge: [ctrl] + [shift] + [z] [cmd] + [shift] + [z]

*You can also copy content from another website and paste it into Seesaw! For example, copy an image from image search results and paste it into your Seesaw post. 

Note: Drawing in the creative canvas and reordering pages requires the use of a mouse, stylus, or finger, but students who cannot use these tools have many other ways to respond to activities.

If you have questions or concerns about keyboard navigation with Seesaw, please let us know.   


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