How to assign Instructional Sequences

3.png Audience: Teachers with school and district subscriptions

Teachers with school or district subscriptions to Seesaw can save time and effort by assigning any lesson in the Seesaw Library as a group of activities, or individually. These lessons can be assigned across multiple dates and times as well as in instructional sequential order. Instructional sequences are only available on the web version of Seesaw, and are not currently supported on mobile.

How to Bulk Assign Activities

  1. Select a Collection from the Seesaw Library to assign. You can opt to either assign all activities in the Collection or individual lessons.
  2. Lessons can be assigned based on different metrics:
    • Date
    • Time
    • Instructional Sequence Order

 You can also select what standards and folders each lesson should be associated with.

💡Pro Tip! Tap Copy Dates to All Classes to quickly apply all date and time metrics to other classes you are assigning the Collection to!

3. Teachers and students will now see activities from Collections in sequential and instruction order from the Activities view.

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