How to print from Seesaw

There are multiple ways to print student work in Seesaw. You can print single Seesaw posts, Activities that are assigned in a Seesaw class, and print in bulk by student or by folder!

Print a Single Journal Post

If you want to print a single post or activity response from a student journal:

1. Sign in to your teacher account at
2. Locate the post you want to print and tap the [...] button.
3. Choose ‘Print.’

This will print the first page of the item--and, if comments are included, the first 5 comments will print--along with a special QR code that links to just that item on the web.

If you don't want to print the QR code, we suggest saving the item to your device and then printing it. This will allow you to print ONLY the item, and not the post itself.

Tap the [...] button on the post > 'Save' item > Open saved item on your device > Print from your device/computer.

Bulk Print from a Teacher Account

You can print the most recent 80 items uploaded to a particular student, folder, or skill.
Print a student’s most recent items:

1. Tap a student’s name in the class list.
2. Tap 'Print PDF' to print their most recent 80 items.


You can also print a student’s items that are tagged in a particular folder:
1. Tap the student's name. 
2. Tap the folder icon next to their name and select a folder.
3. Tap the "Print PDF" button to print the most recent 80 items in a folder.


Print student work tagged with a certain skill:
1. Tap the Progress tab > Skills View
2. Select a student from the list on the right
3. Select their skill from the skill chart (left)
4. Select "Print PDF" at the top of the screen to print all items tagged with that skill!

Print from a Student Account
Students are not able to print or save items to their device in Seesaw unless they're using an email address or the class is set to 1:1 QR code login!

It is easiest to print from a computer. If your student needs to print a post but doesn't have the option, family members can log in to their app and save items to print. Note: If you are a family member and do not see the option to save the item, please contact the teacher directly to make sure that they have this feature turned ON for the class!

Tap the [...] button on the post > 'Save' item > Open saved item > Print from your device/computer.
Print an Activity Template
Sometimes you might find that you want your student to print a blank Activity template from your Seesaw Activity. The Print Activity tool will help you to print only the template.

1. Go to the Activity in the Activities tab.

2. Tap the [...] button.
3. Select 'Print Activity.'

This will provide a multipage document that includes the Seesaw QR Code to the Activity within the class and each page of the student template. Please note that students must be logged into their student account to scan this QR code and bring up the assigned Activity. 

If an Activity was created by uploading a PDF or a Google Doc, you can also use the View Original button to print from the original document.
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