Family access to past student journals

Family members can access their child’s work through the Seesaw app or website as long as their child’s class is active. After a class has been archived by a teacher using free Seesaw or a Seesaw Premium Features trial (usually at the end of the school year), family members will have 60 days to download a .zip archive of their child’s journal, including images, videos, voice recordings, and captions for free.

When a class is archived, we will automatically notify family members with instructions on how to download the .zip archive. After a class has been archived for 60 days, family members will no longer have access to the class.

Please note, for Seesaw for Schools accounts, families will continue to have access to their child's content after a class is archived and will not receive an email notification with instructions on how to download the .zip archive. 

If you’d like to be able to continue to access your child’s content in Seesaw, ask your school to upgrade to Seesaw for Schools


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