How to share Activities with students and teachers

Assign Activities to your Seesaw Class

In Seesaw you will use the Activities feature to explore, create, and assign activities to your classes. Once you find an Activity you like in the Seesaw Community Library, you will save it to your 'My Library' tab and then assign it to your Seesaw class(es). If you're creating your own Activities, you can assign them directly to your class(es).

Here's how it works:

  1. Explore the Seesaw Community Library, filled with thousands of inspiring activities created by teachers in the Seesaw Community.
  2. Tap the heart icon on an Activity to save it to your 'My Library' tab OR create your own Activity by tapping the 'Create New Activity' button.
  3. Tap 'Assign.'
  4. Select the class(es) you would like to assign the Activity to. You can also select individual students to share the Activity with by tapping 'Edit Students.'
  5. Tap 'Assign to Classes' to share the Activity with your students in the selected classes. If you use our premium service, Seesaw for Schools, or if you trial Seesaw's Premium Features, you can schedule the Activity for a later time by tapping 'Schedule.'


Share an Activity Link with Students

To get a shareable Activity link for students, the Activity must first be assigned to your class. Here's how to get a student Activity link and share it with students:

  1. As a teacher, first assign the Activity. (Follow the instructions above in the Assign Activities to Your Seesaw Class section.)
  2. Go to the Activities tab for your class. 
  3. Tap the [...] button on any Activity that has been assigned. 
  4. Tap 'Get Student Link.' This particular link will be unique to your class or the subset of assigned students. It cannot be shared across different classes or with other teachers at your school.
  5. Tap ‘Copy’ to copy the link. Student Activity links will open the Activity on iOS, Android, and on the web (


There are many ways that student Activity links can be helpful:
1. Teachers can paste Activity links into a Student Announcement as a way to tell students what to do each day or week. Once an announcement is sent, students will be notified and can tap the links to easily complete their daily Activities.
2. Teachers can also share student Activity links directly into Google Classroom or another learning management system.

Note: Student Activity links are specific to the Activity assigned to your class. Each Activity has a unique link for your class or subset of students assigned and links cannot be shared across multiple classes.

When students tap the link, they are brought directly to the Activity in the iOS app, Android app, or website. Then they can:

  1. Add a response by tapping +Add Response.
  2. Finish their Draft if they have a draft response.
  3. View their completed response if they have already responded to the Activity.
Share an Activity Link with Teachers

Customize or create a new Activity and then share it with teacher friends, who can use the Activity in their own classes. Sharing Activities with teachers is only available on a computer/laptop at and is not available on iOS/Android. Student responses to the Activity will NOT be shared.

To share an Activity link with teachers directly from your ‘My Library’ tab:            

  1. Sign in to your Seesaw teacher account.
  2. Tap the green +Add button.
  3. Choose 'Assign Activity.'
  4. Go to your ‘My Library’ tab at the top of the Activity Library.
  5. Tap on the Activity you would like to share.
  6. Tap the [...] button, then 'Share Activity.'

   7. Copy the Teacher Link to send to other teachers via social media or email.


To share an Activity link with teachers from an Activity that has already been assigned in your class:

  1. Sign in to your Seesaw teacher account.
  2. Tap on the Activities tab.
  3. Find the Activity you would like to share.
  4. Tap the [...] button below the Activity.
  5. Tap 'Get Student Link.'
  6. At the bottom of that screen, choose the 'Get a Teacher Link Instead' option. 
  7. Copy the Activity Link to send to other teachers via social media or email. 

When teachers paste the Activity Link in a web browser, they will be prompted to 'Save Activity' to their ‘My Library’ tab. Once the Activity is saved they can share it with their students or customize it for future use. If teachers are not logged into Seesaw, they will need to log in before the Activity will save.

If you want to share an Activity with another teacher who does not have a Seesaw account yet, no problem! The teacher can view the Activity from the Activity link or they can visit the Seesaw Public Community Library to browse any grade level, subject area, and curriculum.

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to share activity collections.

Share Activities to Your Seesaw for Schools Library
With Seesaw for Schools, teachers can publish Activities to their School Activity Library to be used by all teachers at their school.

1. On an Activity, tap the [...] button and select Share Activity.


2. Find the option to Share to School Library. Tap 'Share.'


3. Select the grade levels and subject areas relevant for your Activity.


4. Tap 'Share.' 

Once your Activity has been shared to your School Library, educators within your school can view, save, and assign the Activity with their students.

Differentiate Instruction with Activities, Add Folders for Organization or Skills for Assessment 

Teachers can assign Activities to specific students within a class to differentiate instruction. Teachers can tag folders on Activities to keep Activities and Activity responses organized. Teachers using Seesaw for Schools or teachers on a Premium Features trial can tag skills to assess student Activity responses and schedule when they would like the Activity to appear to students.

1. Tap the heart on an Activity to save it to your ‘My Library’ tab.
2. In your ‘My Library’ tab, find the Activity you’d like to share with students and tap the ‘Assign’ button.
3. Tap 'Edit Students, Folders, Skills.'
4. Select the students you want to assign the Activity.
5. Tap Folders to add the Activity to a folder in your class for the organization of the Activity and all student responses to the Activity.
6. Tap Skills to add any Skills to the Activity which you can assess on student responses. Learn more about Skills.
Print Activities and Activity QR Codes 
Tap 'Print Activity' to download a PDF of the Activity so students can complete it offline or have a paper copy of resources. Printed Activities also include a QR code that students can scan to open the Activity in Seesaw. Teachers, students, and families can print Activities. 
  1. Tap the Activities tab.
  2. Tap the [...] button on any activity.
  3. Tap 'Print Activity' and print. 




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