How do teachers archive an Activity

If you no longer want to use an Activity in a class, you can archive it! 

When you archive an Activity, it will no longer appear in the Class Activities feed, but will still be available in the My Library section of the Seesaw Library. 

Student responses connected to that activity will still be visible to both the student's Seesaw account and their Seesaw Family account.

To archive an activity
  1. Tap the Activities tab.
  2. Select [...] on the activity you would like to archive.
  3. Tap Archive Activity.


To archive an activity in bulk
  1. Tap the Activities tab.
  2. Tap Bulk Archive Activities.
  3. Select a date from the pop-up window.
  4. Tap Archive Activities to archive ALL activities assigned on or before your selected date.

Archiving an Activity in your class will maintain all student responses in the class journal, but will remove the prompt for new student responses.

You can re-publish the Activity in any class by going to the My Library section of the Seesaw Library and tapping Assign.

You can also remove an Activity from your Library by tapping [...] and selecting ‘remove from library’ on any Activity in My Library.

View archived Activities
  1. Tap the Activities tab within your class. 
  2. On the top right-hand side of the screen, toggle your Activities view from Calendar to List view. 
  3. Once in this view, you will see a drop-down tab on the left-hand side that will have 3 options to choose from: Active Activities, Scheduled Activities, and Archived Activities. 
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