Seesaw app FAQ for families and students

One streamlined Seesaw app for all! 
The Seesaw app is a single app for teachers, students, and families to make learning experiences and communication simple!

Our family has multiple Seesaw users on one device. How can we log in to multiple Seesaw accounts from a shared device?

Learn more about switching between accounts on one shared device! 

Another workaround for desktop users, is to have each user active in a different browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge). Users on a mobile device will need to use the Seesaw app.

What app should new students and family members look for?
Search the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for “Seesaw”. 

If I already have the old Seesaw Family app installed, do I need to do anything?
We recommend downloading the new “Seesaw” app to take advantage of new features. No updates have been available to the Family app after 2023.

How do I add files from Google Drive on iOS or Android? 
Check out our how-to article here!

How do I add work created in other apps on iOS or Android?
Check out our how-to article here!

I’m concerned about the security of having multiple accounts signed in on the same device.
Our account switching feature is designed to make it easier to switch between accounts when multiple people share the same device. If you don’t want someone else who is sharing your device to be able to switch to your account, you can sign out between sessions. 

View our handout here!

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