Account Switching FAQ

Seesaw makes it easy for multiple users to switch between accounts on a shared device. Get started with Account Switching here!

What is the account switching feature?

Seesaw’s account switching feature allows users to sign in to multiple accounts at once. This allows you to switch between accounts without signing out and back in again. This includes accounts across multiple user roles. That means that if you are a parent with two children, you can sign into your family account and both of your student accounts on the same device. 

Follow our step-by-step instructions on account switching here!

Who can use account switching?

Account switching is available to admins, teachers, families, and students.

Note: We discourage use of Account Switching to toggle between student and adult accounts on the same device, as this gives the student access to the adult account.

Do I have to enter my password every time?

No, you will only be required to enter your password when your authentication period expires, or if you choose to sign out of your account. Admins are required to authenticate every 7 days. Teachers, students, and family members are required to authenticate once per year.

How many accounts can I save on each device?
10 accounts per device.
Will I get push notifications for all of my accounts on iOS or Android?
Yes, you will receive push notifications for all signed in accounts on the device.
How does this work with Class Code or Home Learning Code Sign In?

Account switching is compatible with Class Codes or Home Learning Codes. Students will either be signed in to their class account or their home learning account, depending on which code they've used. 

I am a teacher with children that use Seesaw at home. What should I be aware of when using the account switching feature?

If you are a teacher and have childrens’ accounts stored on the same device, please note that your children will have access to your account and classes if they have access to your device. This includes access to your messages and access to approving and deleting class work. Work that has been deleted cannot be restored. 

If you have multiple students on your device, please have students check that they are uploading work and completing activities for the correct student account.
I am a teacher. Should I use this feature in my classroom with all of my students on our shared device?

If you are using a shared device in your classroom, we do not recommend this method. We recommend you change your class sign-in mode to “Class Code- Shared Devices”. With this setting, students will sign in to your class using the QR or Text Student Code. Students can add items to their journal and other journals in the class.

What does 'Session Expired' mean?

Your session has expired because you have exceeded the allotted session time and you have been signed out. To sign back in, tap your account name and enter your login details.

How do I switch between my Admin/Teacher/Family/Student accounts?
  1. Tap your Account Profile in the upper left (Tap twice if you are a District Admin or an Admin of multiple schools). 
  2. Tap Switch to Family or Teacher.

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