Platforms, browsers, and operating systems that are supported by Seesaw

The Seesaw app is available on iOS and Android devices. The Seesaw app is not compatible with Chromebooks but you can use Seesaw on the web with a Chromebook or a computer by using the Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge browser at 

What platforms and operating systems does Seesaw support?
iOS App
iOS 13 and newer Supported
iOS 11-12 Limited support starting in June 2022
Support discontinued in December 2023
iOS 9-10 Support discontinued in June 2021
Android 7 and newer Supported
Android 4-6 Limited support starting in June 2022
Support discontinued in June 2023
Web Browsers
Chrome 98+ Supported
Firefox 97+ Supported
Edge 98+ Supported
Safari 13 and newer Partial Functionality (Video and screen recording not supported)
Seesaw App and Website
  • iOS Devices: iOS 13 and newer. 
  • Android: Android 7 and newer. Check which Android OS you are using. 
  • Computers and Chromebooks: 
    • Chrome: Version 98 and newer
    • Firefox: Version 97 or newer  
    • Edge: Version 98 or newer 
    • Safari: Version 13 and newer (Draw+Record screen recording and webcam video recording is not supported on Safari)
    • Download or upgrade to the latest version of ChromeFirefox, or Edge.
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