Seesaw For Schools efficacy study


The goal of the study was to assess the efficacy of Seesaw for Schools, our school-wide digital portfolio and family communication platform, across several dimensions. Specifically, we examined the following key areas: student academic performance and development of 21st Century skills, family engagement and involvement, the extent to which Seesaw for Schools contributed to overall school objectives, and administrator satisfaction.


This was accomplished by surveying 400 administrators using Seesaw for Schools. We surveyed both public and private schools serving students ranging from grades PreK-12, including schools both within and outside of the United States. 60 administrators completed the survey.


93% of administrators report that Seesaw for Schools effectively contributes to their overall school/district objectives, including:

    • Demonstrating student growth and progress (Figure 1).

    • Developing students’ 21st Century skills (Figure 1).

    • Using technology effectively and purposefully in instruction (Figure 1).

    • Increasing community and family engagement (Figure 2). 



Seesaw Builds a Strong School Community

 • 90% of administrators report that Seesaw for Schools helps them participate in classrooms and interact with student learning more regularly.

• 88% of administrators report that Seesaw for Schools helps them create a sense of community at their school.

90% of administrators say that Seesaw for Schools was worth spending their budget dollars on and plan to use Seesaw for Schools again next year.


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